Jeanneau Yachts

An exclusive and luxury world


With thousands of possible combinations, the deck plans and sumptuous interiors of Jeanneau Yachts insure an exceptional quality of life and level of comfort onboard. Each dream is different, and we are at your side to help you realize yours.

Quicksilver Activ 555 Open

Jeanneau Yacht 51

The world is rich with extraordinary destinations. The Jeanneau 51 was created to take you there.

Jeanneau Yacht 54

Every aspect of the Jeanneau 54 is all-new and designed to fit the way you live, like no other yacht in her class. 

Quicksilver Activ 555 Open

Jeanneau Yacht 60

Wrapped in luxury, the new jeanneau yachts 60 is truly a jewel to behold. Sail to sublime locations, toward an ever-more sublime horizon.

Jeanneau Yacht 64

Born of a close partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, the Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions.