Sporty lines, comfort and family fun


Synonymous with excellence, luxury and high-performance, the LEADER line features a distinguished design and a sporty attitude. These inboard Express models with high-performance hulls marry comfortable exteriors with innovative interior layouts. Their contemporary style invites relaxation.

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Quicksilver Activ 555 Open
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Jeanneau Leader 30

New Leader 30 now comes in an outboard and inboard version. The new Leader 30 with its iconic white hull bring simplicity and clean lines to the entry inboard cruising class. 

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Jeanneau Leader 33

The new Leader 33 benefits from a contemporary, sporty look and white hull (not grey as shown) that is the signature of the Leader line.

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Jeanneau Leader 36

Like the LEADER 40, the LEADER 36 boasts an incomparable style. Endowed with a superb V-shaped hull designed by M. Peters, she features a sporty design by the Garroni Designers.

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Jeanneau Leader 40

High performance and contemporary design best define the personality of the Leader 40. Luxurious details are found throughout the refined, contemporary interior of the Leader 40.

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Jeanneau Leader 46

This flagship model, with her sinuous profile, goes even further by offering a sporty look, luxurious spacesand unparalleled finish.