Merry Fisher

Renowned design, performance and comfort


The Merry Fisher line is renowned for its design, its performance, but also its comfort on board. With outboard engines, Merry Fishers distinguish themselves by their extreme versatility, allowing them to be used 100% for fishing or 100% for cruising. They are the ideal powerboats for family coastal cruises.

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Merry Fisher 605

The Merry Fisher 605 is the ideal boat for discovering the joys of coastal cruising.  


Merry Fisher 695 S2

Merry Fisher 695 is the perfect size cabin fast fisher style boat for trailering on the road and staying overnight onboard.

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NEW Merry Fisher 795 S2

The new Merry Fisher 795 series 2 has a new dynamic and stylish design, both inside and out.


Merry Fisher 895

Designed for cruising inshore and offshore with its Unique Offshore version, the Merry Fisher 895 is a true weekender.

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Merry Fisher 1095

The Merry Fisher 1095 is the flagship of the line, with a hull specifically designed for this type of propulsion.

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Merry Fisher  1095 Flybridge

The Merry Fisher 1095 is the biggest of the outboard Merry Fisher range with its flybridge for added space and comfort