Jeanneau Sun Odyssey vs Jeanneau Sun Fast

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Jeanneau Yachts have always stood out as providing incredible build quality and unbeatable comfort in a customisable and complete package. Jeanneau has two main sailboat ranges that between them look to cover every eventuality when it comes to client requirements and needs. Below we will be taking a look at what the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey and the Jeanneau Sun Fast ranges have to offer and comparing them to see which range offers the most.

Jeanneau has long been a leader in the world of luxury yachting and that is in no small part thanks to their outstanding Sun Odyssey range. With six different base units ranging in size from a compact 9.8m / 32’2” to a huge 14.42m / 47’4”, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey range truly has something for everyone. Jeanneau has placed a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that Sun Odyssey yachts provide comfort and elegance, and offer a smooth, effortless ride without the need for a crew.

Customisation options are also available below deck, with some models even allowing for the addition of extra cabins to ensure there is plenty of space to suit everybody’s needs. Lastly and most importantly, they excel in safety at sea without compromising on style or performance, making them a truly perfect family cruising yacht.

On the other side of the fence, there is the Jeanneau Sun Fast yacht range with a very different demographic. Sun Fast yachts are Jeanneau’s answer to the racing yacht and that is immediately apparent when you look at them. Gone are the graceful curves and cushioned interiors and in their place are sharp racing lines with a single piece infusion moulded body.

The Jeanneau Sun Fast is designed to deliver exactly what you want from a racing yacht and they can be effectively worked by a single-handed crew, a double-handed crew, or full crew depending on the event without faltering. Having said all that, they do, of course, come with the level of customisation and comfort you expect from a Jeanneau yacht, with a wide range of customisation available both above and below deck. Overall, the Jeanneau Sun Fast is a high-performance yacht that will be easy and fun to handle regardless of the race it is in.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey is a stellar example of combining all the expected comforts with the stability and security that you want in a family yacht. On the other hand, the Jeanneau Sun Fast takes all of this and pares down the structure and fittings to deliver a light, stable, and responsive yacht that doesn’t compromise when it comes to speed. There really isn’t a clear answer to which is the better range as they look to do completely different things and this is reflected in every aspect of their design. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that Jeanneau has a yacht that will suit your needs.

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