Sun Fast

Key Points

On the water, speed and exhilarating sensations are guaranteed, without compromising dependability, ease of handling and safety at sea. These sailboats will impress you with their seaworthy qualities, stability and robust structure.


  • Designed for crewed, single- or double-handed racing

  • Infusion moulded in a single piece

  • Well-designed, practical and comfortable interior

Quicksilver Activ 555 Open

Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300

The all new Sun Fast 3300 has replaced the ever popular 3200.  Designed by the naval architectural duo ANDRIEU | VERDIER and constructed entirely using an infusion moulding process, the Sun Fast 3300 benefits from exceptional rigidity, with a considerable weight reduction.


Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600

Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3600 benefits from the latest advances in vacuum-bagged resin infusion to ensure exceptional strength and rigidity while drastically reducing weight.